Hey, real quick, I also work in video production and design.

Hi. I'm Evan.

I'm photographer, motion designer, video editor, and illustrator, based in Portland, Oregon. With over a decade of professional creative experience under my belt, I'm constantly seeking out new ways I can grow and adapt in an ever-expanding (and always demanding) industry. 

Photography has been a passion of mine ever since I was a kid and watched 80's John Carpenter films and Hong Kong action movies. I used to take my parents' handicam outside and shoot one-man films and fake movie trailers. I also spent five years actually studying Kung Fu so I could understand the mechanics better (well, ok, I just wanted to be Jet Li, but can you blame me?).

When I was 19 years old I moved to Arizona to pursue a bachelor of arts in film. In my early college days I set out to be a DP (Director of Photography), but I was young and easily swayed, so a couple of long, chaotic days on the set of a local TV show I interned on scared me away from the set and changed the course of my career. With my love for Pixar movies also a competing interest and my (at the time) social awkwardness still going strong, I decided to retreat to the safety of the editing suite and began working more in post production. I had an art background, so it fit. I worked at two different marketing agencies in Phoenix doing editing, motion design, and visual FX, before hooking a staff position at Intel on their marketing team. I spent six years at Intel storyboarding commercial pitches, editing videos in Avid, compositing, and animating motion design pieces. I also got to travel on occasion and supervise visual FX photography for some YouTube campaigns, as well as help shoot and retouch product photos for marketing.

In 2012 I started Smash Illustrations, now called Smash Digital, which is an LLC I've run for freelancing on the side. I've done motion design and storyboard work for clients like Nike, Cisco, Intel, Whitehat, and many others.

Despite all that art work I was getting, photography never stopped being a passion of mine. I eventually purchased a good camera and started practicing. The result of said practicing is what you see on this website. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. And I hope my work can inspire you as much as many photographers have inspired me.